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Flower Paintings

Watercolor on canvas 16x20"  $145

Original watercolor matted to 16x20"    $95

Watercolor Framed to 16x20"         $130

 "Pansies on Museum Steps"


"Pink &White Tulips"


"Deruta Vase of Flowers


"Yellow Posies in Clay Pot"


Watercolor 15x22 " unmatted  $75

Watercolor on Canvas 18x24" $245

11x14" Watercolor on Canvas   $75

Watercolor 15x22" unmatted  $90



"Italian Bouquet"


"Geraniums in Window"




Watercolor 20x27"   $195

Original Watercolor Framed 20x26" $235

Watercolor 20x24          $270

"Asian Plate & Iris"


"Clarice Cliff Pottery"


"Irish Beleek & Spring Flowers"


"Sicilian Plate & Summer Flowers"



Watercolor on canvas framed  20x24"   $185

Watercolor on wrapped canvas 12x12 "     $70


     "Sun Flowers  In Sicilian Vase"

"Yellow Landscape"