Palermo  Sicilia

              The Architecture of Palermo ranges in style from Arabic to Norman, Baroque and Art Nouveau, making this exotic city an  

  exciting place to explore.   My favorite place to visit.


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Palermo Street 11x15 inches             $195 Palermo Cathedral        11x15 inc                    $210.00

Back Street Palermo  11x15 inches          $195.--

"Vucerria' Oldest Market in Palermo             sold

Palermo Courtyard              sold

Archivo Di Stati        11x15         $195


Palermo Wash Line       Sold

Santa Rosalia Niche Palermo             sold

Public Park  Palermo           Sold


These images are available in prints 8x11 matted to 11x14 inch size.

     $30 each  Shipping included

Side Altar Santa Caterina,    Palermo      11x15        $195               

Martorano Interior Palermo           Sold