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                                                                 Food etc.


Italians are very good  about posting their menus and prices outside the door of their "ristoranti."
Pizzerias or "Tavola Calda " have the best prices and usually great food.  A Pizzeria will have a full meal in the afternoon and sometimes serve only pizza after 7 in the evening.
Check out the Chinese restaurants for a change of pace from Italian food.  During our trips to Italy we always found very good Chinese food in the cities we visited. The menus  are usually in Italian and Chinese. The Asian personnel sometimes speak English, but after Chinese their second language is Italian.

Rest back at the hotel during siesta time. All shops, churches, & museums are usually closed. It is a good time to do your wash, which will be dry the next morning.  This can make three or four sets of underwear last one to three weeks.
























My tips on Italian travel

Telephones in Italy:
Most telephones in Italy accept phone cards. They are sold in tobacco shops.   If you speak Italian or can  find a local person  who speaks English, get directions for its use. 
You can call the USA for almost the same amount of money as calling other places in Italy.  If you call home and get an answering  machine  your card will only subtract the one or two minutes you used-no initial surcharge.

You can find the time tables for the trains in Italy on their Italian website.
Check out schedules of trains and buses on weekends, often there is limited service.
At large train stations like, Rome, Florence, Naples, when purchasing  tickets, count your change before leaving the window. Their "mistakes" can cost you more than your fare.
Local city buses require bus passes that can be purchased in tobacco shops. Validate as you board the bus, usually from the back .

 One can get Euros at a ATM machine at the Rome airport. DON'T use a Place that says "Change money." They will charge you a hefty fee.

Before you leave for the states, call your bank and notify them you will be using your ATM card overseas.