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I first traveled to Britain in January 1992.   It was a cold time to be visiting but I loved it all. These are some of the places

I visited  and  painted then and on subsequent trips



Click on thumbnails for larger view

"Looe B&B"

Beatiful town of Looe in Cornwall. Print available

"Cornwall Doorway"

Watercolor 11x15" painting and print available

"Market in Cornwall"

Watercolor 11x15 inch watercolor available. Print as well.

"Polperro, Cornwall"

watercolor 11x15 inch watercolor available. $90

"Britain Chimmney Pots"

Large 15x22 inch watercolor available $90

"York In The Snow"

Print available.

"Liverpool Remains"

Sold.Print Available.

"New Brighton Rooftop"

During my first trip to Britain I viewed then painted the many images of chimmney pots. Print available.

"Pooh Stick Bridge"

Watercolor 11x15 inch availble. $75. Image taken from the forest outside the town where the author Milne lived.

Tudor style home.

Print available.


On the southern coast of Britain. 11x15 inch watercolor and print available.

"View of Bath"

Sold. Print available.

"Steeple in Warwick"

Original watercolor painting 15x22" available. $65. I saw this on a drive to Stratford on Avon.


Watercolor 11x15 painting framed to 16x20 "sold Print available.


kathleen@gwinnett-art.com  for more info.