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Painting in Provence, France

In the fall of 2008, I spent a week with a cousin and his wife at their home in Vins sur Caramy, Provence. I  visited

and painted in and around  lovely Provence.


Montagne" Acrylic on canvas. 16x20      Original & print available


Lavender at Vins sur Caramy Provence  painted this watercolor "en plein air" in a little back street above the central part of town.                              Print Available 100 year Bridge Vins sur Caramy Provence       Print available Bicycle  at Vins sur Caramy Provence    Print available

 Pin de Galle Doorway         Original & Print available  Pin de Galle             Original & Print available  Pin de Galle Gate        Original & Print available
 Vins sur Caramy View            Print available Monastery                  Original & Print available  Vins sur Caramy Home Provence            Print available

House Vins sur Caramy          Print available

Lavender Time          Print available Le Vale Provence       Print available

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