Books Of and About Sicily

If you would like to experience and learn more of Sicily,

and its people, I would like to recommend these books, I have enjoyed reading.


*Persephone's Island  by Mary Taylor Simeti

*Mattanza Life and Death in the Sea of Sicily       by Theresa Maggio

*The Stone Boudoir      by Theresa Maggio

*The House by the Medlar Tree    by Giovanni Verga

Midnight in Sicily        by Peter Robb


*The Leopard( Il Gattopardo)  Fic.     by Giueppe Lampedusa

Sicilian Lives   by Danilo Dolci   (Political)

A House in Sicily       by Daphne Phelps

 Seeking Sicily       by John Keahey

The Last Canoli     Fic.        by Camille Cosumano

*From Sicily to Elizabeth Street         by Donna R Gabaccia

Feast  of the Dead        by Anthony Fragola

My Mother The Memoir of a Sicilian Woman       by Mario Malcaluso

Sicilian Odyssey

*The Garden of Pappa Santuzzu            Fic    by Tony Ardizzone [Fantasy]

*The Almond Picker         Fic  by  Simonetta Agnello Hornby

Blood Washes Blood        by Frank Viviano

Sicilian Odyssey         by Fancine Prose 

***Montalbano Mysteries Series  Fic       by Andrea Camilleri   [ Favorite easy read]               


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