Belmonte Mezzagno, Sicilia

Belmonte  Mezzagno is a hill town south of Palermo. My paternal grandmother, was born in Belmonte . My husband and I visited

the town by bus from Palermo on our first two trips to Sicily. We met very  " cugini distanti."

I painted the original watercolor on site.

  "Chiesa Madre :SS Crocifissio" 11x15 inches print available


 "via Ascuita"  11x15 inches Print available

Birth place of Caterina Buttacavoli parents: Maria Allotta,  & Giuseppe Buttacavoli


"Piazza in Belmonte Mezzagno" 24x36 inches  On Canvas

  "Monastery View" 11x15 inches print available

There is a plaque on the wall saying "Garibaldi Slept Here."

                                                                                      Matted 11x14 in. prints available of all these paintings $30 each.